Step 3:
Advocacy & Education

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1:1 advocacy appointments with Ashton, our Board Certified Patient Advocate.

If you read our story on Our About Us page, you will better understand why the foundation of our approach is complete when additional appointments are with Ashton. 


We believe that what you will gain through your time with Ashton will leave you informed and empowered to gain the whole experience from our approach.

Additional appointments with Ashton (other than initial intake) are not required. However, we recommend adding a 1:1 advocacy call after your action plan is complete to help support you, serve as accountability, get additional insight, resources, and education.

An Additional option is: 

Ashton's advocacy course

Approach to Patient Advocacy

You can purchase and access this course straight through our portal software. Approach to Patient Advocacy helps prepare those navigating the complex healthcare system with complex chronic illnesses to become your own best advocate.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome POTS