A  healthcare partnership and speciality practice based on our wholehearted commitment to your health and well-being!

Shake on It

Together, Dr. Ricci and Ashton Nesmith-Kochera, BCPA provide a collaborative and comprehensive partnership to help those living with complex chronic illnesses. They offer in-depth case analysis, testing, and case management - along with a personalized, detailed, and results-driven action plan.

Their goal is to help you overcome your health and healing challenges and the fear that often comes with them. They work closely with every person seeing them as an equal individual in their health and healing journey to achieve optimal results. 

Their perspective, healthcare advocacy, compassionate support, streamlined education, resources, referral base, and navigation guidance sets them apart from the broken healthcare system. Not to mention their unique story is what solidifies the foundation of Trifecta Health Connections Inc.

How they got here:
In 2016, Dr. Ricci and Ashton crossed paths after connecting through a patient of Dr. Ricci's named Kiana. Kiana developed a concussion during a swim meet leading to Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Unfortunately, this led her to become homebound in a wheelchair during the first semester of her senior year in high school. Coincidently, over a decade earlier, Ashton was homebound parts of her junior and senior year due to POTS as well.

Kiana was referred to Tri-State EDS, a support group that Ashton led for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and its' co-occurring conditions like POTS. It was here that Ashton, Dr. Ricci, Kiana, and her family were all connected. Ashton began advocating for Kiana and helped them navigate a possible EDS diagnosis after realizing she had undergone neurosurgery to fuse her spine a few years prior. It was just the beginning of our story. 

Kiana worked hard to return to school for the last semester of her senior year and graduated high school a few months later. Ashton watched via live stream as Kiana walked across the stage to get her diploma with tears in her eyes - knowing what Kiana had to go through to get to that moment. Kiana went on to college that Fall while Dr. Ricci and Ashton collaborated by helping others in similar situations. They both have unique perspectives in healthcare and have a passion for helping others with complex chronic illnesses. They passed information back and forth and attended many continuing opportunities over the next several years until they finally decided to start Trifecta Health Connections Inc.

Ashton remained close and connected to Kiana and her family throughout her years at college - even attending Kiana's beautiful wedding after graduating college a semester early and at the top of her class. She began her career in freelance marketing and design in 2021. Trifecta Health Connections Inc.​ became one of her first clients. (Talk about full circle stories!)

Ashton and Kiana's health stories are the foundation of Trifecta Health Connection's approach. 

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