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We help those living with complex chronic illness connect root issues and establish an individualized action plan leading to validation and vitality. 

Offering fully remote and secure telehealth appointments.

Our speciality is within the "Trifecta" of:



Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

Mast Cell Activation


*Including Long-Covid POTS & other co-occuring chronic illnesses
*Excluding Lyme Disease

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Do you have one or more of the diagnoses above?


Do you deal with chronic symptoms that do not seem to make sense?

We believe complex chronic illness is rooted within epigenetics,

poor nutrition, toxins, neurodiversity, and a broken healthcare system.

We dedicate our time, energy, years of research, knowledge, and resources

to properly assess, test, and create personalized action plans 

to help guide and restore health by addressing root issues.

Step 1:


Intake Process

Step 2:

Telehealth Appointments

Step 3:

Advocacy & Education

Offering fully remote & secure telehealth appointments

If you experience any of these - 


  • have or suspect POTS, EDS, MCAS

  • can't get to the bottom of your chronic health issues

  • don't feel that your symptoms are taken seriously and feel dismissed 

  • have had multiple diagnoses' and are still sick

  • have had past trauma, injury, illness, surgery, accident, etc., and chronically ill

  • feel like you are going in circles trying to get better 

  • feel like you are watching your health spiral out of your control

  • deal with information overload and that one thing contradicts the other

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We offer fully remote services via our secure telehealth portal based out of Northern Virginia.


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